Think twice before using plastic bags!

We all are well aware of the fact that one of the greatest threat today to the world is global warming. Along with pollution, the primary reason behind the increase in temperature of the climate has been the usage of plastic bags. Excessive use of plastic bags through printed grocery bags are observed throughout the globe which can prove to be hazardous in future. The scientific reason behind plastic bags being a threat to the world is its composition of ethane in it. Ethane contains high heating capacity which if used in excess can result in the rise in temperature on a large scale.

Plastics are today found in all corners of the world even in the remote islands. This is because of it getting mixed with the water of the oceans, also now becoming a threat to the aquatic animals residing in it. There are people concerned about it since they know the effects of this plastics on climate and they have taken efforts in disposing of the plastic bags carefully after usage.

However accepting this as the solution to the threat will not be worth since plastics are those elements which do not get decomposed in landfills even after thousands of years. It is very clear that this plastics cant be decomposed or dumped anywhere, but the only solution to them is by replacing them with other material which has contradictory features to it.Grocery cloth bags are worth replacing this plastic bags because of its clear dominance on plastic bags in every department. These cloth bags do not contain the component methane like in plastics, and hence they do not release any heat in the surrounding environment resulting in warming of the climate. Also, the biggest advantage of cloth bags over plastic bags is that they can be washed and reused every time and also their weight handling capacity is very good if compared to that of plastics.

Even if they tore away into pieces after excessive usage of many years they could be recycled and used again, or else also can be dumped into the landfills safely. Because of all its benefits over the plastics and contributing towards the climatic changes the usage of grocery cloth bags is now implemented worldwide. People are now made aware of the benefits of using cloth bags along with the disadvantages of using plastics and how it is linked to the global warming. However, there are some rural areas where the use of plastic is still active. The use of cloth bags can be carried out for a long time since it can be recycled and reused every time it gets torn into pieces while it is always a better option against plastic bags.

Today where pollution has exceeded its limits and world is under the threat of global warming the use of cloth bags can prove to be a huge step in slowing down this issue. The use of plastics bags cannot be reduced, neither it can be destroyed, the best option available to us is the replacement of it with the grocery bags in the coming future.